I’m Bored!


When I was younger, I was constantly uttering “I’m bored” — whether audibly or under my breath. It usually occurred in the lulls of summer break or in the outings with family friends who didn’t have kids my age to talk to. In public, my mom would do her best to ignore me or tell […]

B is for Boredom


“I’m bored.” That’s what we say when we are stuck with nothing to do. We think that boredom is about how uninteresting the world can be. But, that really won’t work when we stop and think about it. To be bored means that we are waiting for the world to come and entertain us. It means […]

Leaves of Thanks


What do you take for granted? There are so many small and wonderful things in our lives that we don’t stop to celebrate. Just think about it, you’re probably reading this on a computer…a computer! Can you believe what these things can do?! They can give us connection, entertainment, emails, facts, news, movie times, word […]